Dancing Brushes and Flying Ink
May 17,2017
New Directions

I have launched a new branch to my artist's life. I am now using my paintings as designs for a clothing line with Vida Designs. I have received e-mails from them for over a year and while I was intrigued I didn't want to rush into it.  They don't charge the artist and they get 10% of sales. Of course they expect the artist to buy something but they don't force them to.  I had some difficulties to get my old camera software and my new(er) computer to let me download tiff files but after two days of trying everything I and my family could think of it finally worked.

I don't expect to get rich but it is a neat way to see my artwork used in a practical sense. Mostly the pieces use only a part of the painting and I keep the copyright to my paintings. If you want to see my work google Vida Designs and put Becky McMahon in the search area.

I learned a lot about taking RAW photo's and e-mailing large files which will work for me other area's.

So try something new, you might learn new things too.

Autumn Poplars II

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