Dancing Brushes and Flying Ink
November 09,2016
The After Party Effect


We had our grand opening of the Art in the Park show in Revelstoke last Friday evening and it was a great success. I was told there were more than 300 people who attended the opening and 10 of the 12 artists made their way to Revelstoke to attend as well. Some of them came as far away as Vancouver and Calgary!

After working furiously for 3 months there is bound to be a bit of a let down feeling once you have the opening.  There may also be a feeling of relief but it's mixed with sadness.  You did your best for the show, you saw it being viewed and admired by the crowd but now what.  Do you want to have a break or are you feeling motivated to do more and set new goals. For me it's a bit of both. I have a couple of pieces started before the opening and I think that was a good way to go.  I know there are shows coming up I want to enter so working on more paintings is necessary and what I want to do. But, the urgency is gone and I'm happy to feel I have a bit more time to contemplate what I'm doing.

Because my paintings won't be back for a year, I want to get on with the other pictures that I felt would make good paintings.  I'm sure there will be some that don't work but I feel confident I can get a few more done before the Chistmas season puts my painting on hold until the New Year.

Wishing everyone their own successful show and keep painting.

Tangles  (1885 Trail, Glacier National Park)

Posted by Becky McMahon at 12:44
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